“Thieves Cost Victoria”, with Melbourne high on the per-capita ratio

A front page article by the Herald Sun on August 17th, 2017, reported that Victoria’s domestic burglary insurance payouts almost equalled NSW’s and Queensland’s combined. Household thefts or burglaries cost Victorians approximately $92million in a 12 month period, with Victoria’s burglary rate up by nearly 25%. That’s high when compared to Queensland’s 9% increase and NSW’s 2% rise.

Check how your Melbourne suburb ranks for crime, including home burglary and break-in.

Check how your Melbourne suburb ranks for crime, including home burglary and break-in.

The knock on effect of the increased burglary rate is that Victorians are facing higher home and contents insurance premiums than their East Coast cousins.

According to an ABC review of data from the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria, Melbourne is seeing significantly higher per capita crime figures than other locations in Victoria, so if you are living in Melbourne, then take extra care.

Across the state however, a general increase in crime rates is also being seen, with a range of offences including robberies and car thefts also growing quickly.

The ABC news article from March 2017 quotes Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp, from Victoria Police, who made comment on the number of car thefts, with 69,000 offences over a one-year period, 21,000 of which were number plate theft.

“Whilst number plates are also being stolen, there’s also personal property, cash. Again, we know tradies are still losing tools. I want to reinforce that message, please remove your valuables from your cars, lock your cars. Where you can put a vehicle in a garage, or in a driveway, or in a well-lit area please do that.” Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp.

Security for tools and tradie vehicles

If you’re a tradie who keeps you tools in your vehicle overnight, then we agree that the Deputy Commissioner’s perspective is worth listening to. We would also suggest that parking your ute or van in front of a CleverLoop security camera will help you as well. You’ll get instant video alerts to your mobile phone if someone starts wandering around your vehicle, which will give you the chance to respond and stop the loss of your tools and vehicle. Attach a hard-drive to your CleverLoop system and you’ll not only have alert footage, but also continuous high definition CCTV footage.

Camera security for homes

And the same for any homeowners. A small investment in a camera security system that sends alert footage straight to your phone, could be the difference between a burglar being caught or one who gains entry to your home and makes off with your possessions.

Outdoor security cameras let you see trouble before it enters, meaning you can respond early and get help from police. Indoor cameras let you know if someone has actually gained entry. Both are great ways to improve your home security and look after your home, your family and your possessions.

If you want to get a good feel for crime in your local area, then we recommend taking a look at The Age’s interactive crime map. Open the website, name your suburb or postcode, and the map will show you crime statistics in and around your suburb. This type of info is a great way to help you plan your level of security, or where to buy / rent homes.

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by The CleverLoop Team
August 28, 2017