Worst Brisbane suburbs for theft?

Which are the Brisbane suburbs that have the highest rate of burglaries and break-ins?

Which are the Brisbane suburbs that have the highest rate of burglaries and break-ins?

The insurer RACQ has released figures that reveal which suburbs in Brisbane had the highest theft rate for 2016. You probably saw a newspaper article based on the figures over the past week or so.

The headline news is that RACQ insurance claims for theft in the Brisbane region increased from 758 in 2015 to 782. In itself, an increase in one year of 3.16% doesn’t seem too worrying, but it’s worth keeping in mind that this is the numbers just for theft claims, from just one insurance company.

The media release then listed the top ten suburbs in the Brisbane region for theft claims – Forest lakes , Birkdale , Springwood , Regents Park , Buderim , Bridgeman Downs , Kallangur , Carindale , Eight Mile Plains  and Southport.

There is a catch with these figures though, namely that they don’t take into account the size of the suburbs. For example, Forest Lakes has a population of over 22,000 people, so is likely to have a higher burglary rate than many of Brisbane’s other 450 or so suburbs, many of which have less than 10,000 people. As you can see, it isn’t much use knowing how many thefts there might be in your suburb, what you really want to know is what the chances are of you being burgled.

The second problem with the numbers is that they are just for RACQ. Different suburbs are likely to have quite different breakdowns of which insurance companies people use, and in suburbs where burglary really is more common might have lots more households that don’y have any insurance at all.

The bottom line is that the people who live in any given suburb are most likely to have the best idea of how safe or dangerous that suburb is when it comes to break-ins, car theft etc.

Regardless of which suburb you live in, the best thing to do to prevent burglary is to get the basics right.

Get to know your neighbours – The more people you have keeping an eye out for dodgy things happening in your street the safer you are going to be.

Think about your fences – While big high fences might help keep some unwanted people out of your property, for others they just provide a handy screen to stop you neighbours seeing them as they check your house for easy ways in.

Don’t advertise that you are away – If your house is empty for a period, do your best to not make it obvious that you aren’t there. Get the mail box cleared regularly, get a neighbour or a gardening firm to keep your yard from looking overgrown. Have some lights set on timers in different rooms through your house. Finally, think about getting someone to house sit for you, having someone in your home is the best deterrent.

Don’t invite burglars in – Make sure that doors and windows are locked or protected other ways (bars, screens etc) to stop people slipping in to your house quickly and grabbing a handbag or wallet, electronics gear, or the keys to your car. Keep these things out of sight inside your house on a day-to-day basis.

Install an easy to use video camera security system – Look for a system that gives you live viewing of cameras, the ability to record to a hard drive, and an option to detect filtered movements and send video alerts direct to your smart phone. Don’t forget to plan a system that has both outdoor and indoor cameras and gives you full control from your smartphone wherever you are.

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by The CleverLoop Team
March 27, 2017