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Protect your home with these 10 tips on keeping your home safe from burglaries.

Protect your home with these 10 tips on keeping your home safe from burglaries.

The chances are you know someone who has had their house broken into. Unfortunately burglaries are a common occurrence in cities and towns around Australia, with an average of 547 break-ins happening every day. That’s 200,000 last year alone, costing Australian households and businesses billions each year.

The real cost of burglaries however includes the time homeowners spend clearing up after a break-in, as well as the emotional stress and frustration that is felt as a result. And with only about 12% of break-ins being solved by Australia Police, it’s unlikely that the burglars will be caught and your possessions returned.

The good news however, is that there is actually a lot that you can do to reduce your chances of being broken into. Below are our top 10 tips for securing your home.

10 Tips on keeping your home safe from burglaries

1. Always lock your house, garage or holiday home.

Research suggests that a substantial number of break-ins, up to 20%, result from offenders entering through unlocked doors, windows and garages. Seems like a simple way to improve home security!

2. Secure your windows

In the same study, half of the break-ins occurred with offenders gaining access through windows, either by breaking them or forcing them open. Having good quality locks on windows can help this, just make sure you can get still get out quickly if there’s a fire.

3. Lock doors when you’re at home

Whether you’re watching TV, having a nap or gardening out the back, it pays to lock the front door. This stops opportunistic burglaries.

4. Put tools and ladders away.

Tools, whether for gardening or home DIY, are often used by burglars to gain access to houses. Secure these items, along with ladders, in locked garages or sheds.

5. Make your home looked lived in.

When you are away for a weekend or longer holiday, best to do some simple things like put a lamp on a timer, leave your curtains open, cancel the mail and stop newspaper deliveries.

6. Get to know your neighbours.

Neighbours who look out for each other are a good deterrent to would-be thieves. These neighbours can look out for any unusual activates and if you swap mobile numbers, then they can contact you if needed. Plus during holidays they can do things like park in your driveway or use your clothesline occasionally.  Neighbourhood Watch is a great way to create a network of people in your area.

7. Don’t leave spare keys out.

Whilst that hiding place for a spare key might seem unfindable, the consequences of a burglar uncovering it aren’t worth the risk. Best to keep the key with a trusted neighbour if possible.

8. Be careful with social media

Posting on your social media account that you’re having a great holiday lets both your friends and potential burglars know that you’re not at home. Best not to post until you get home, but if you absolutely need to share that moment from a beautiful beach, then check your privacy settings first.

9. Install sensor lights

Sensor lights that light up whenever someone gets close to your property can be a good deterrent for night time offenders. Remember though, about half of break-ins happen during the day.

10. Install a home security system

Having a security system will give you peace of mind as well as deter burglars. We believe that the best security systems are the ones that use wi-fi video cameras, because you can actually see what’s going on.

Further reading:

For more information and links on protecting your home, check out the Australian Institute of Criminology page on Household Burglary.


by The CleverLoop Team
August 18, 2016