The best baby monitor ever?

Being able to monitor your baby or young child from your mobile phone is a great way to make sure they are ok.

Being able to monitor your baby or young child from your mobile phone is a great way to make sure they are OK.

OK so this is a bit of a departure from the CleverLoop blog posts so far in that’s it is a bit more personal. It also looks at a use for CleverLoop that many owners will have figured out their own versions of, but is still worth mentioning.

I’m a very small part of the CleverLoop Team, and for the work I do it’s handy for me to have a CleverLoop set up with a couple of cameras attached to it, and a fully working version of the app running on my phone.

I also happen to be lucky enough to live somewhere (in a planned community, in a quiet part of a small town) where the risk of someone breaking into our place isn’t exactly zero, but it’s so close I don’t think we have ever locked our house.

Anyway, my partner and I, and some of our neighbours spend a bit of time on our climbing wall, in a barn a couple of hundred metres from our house. Perfect for a quick evening workout once the kids are asleep, but the kids are young enough that we wouldn’t want them to wake up and get upset if they couldn’t find us anywhere.

BC (before CleverLoop) we either got one of our neighbours to baby sit, or they stayed in their house next door catching up on Coronation Street, and we rigged up a simple baby monitor so they could keep half an ear out for any little people waking up.

Then I got my CleverLoop to play around with and BINGO – The best baby monitor ever!

I just point our indoor camera at the kid’s bunk beds and we hit the wall (literally to stop it happening figuratively – parents with young kids will understand), and if either of the kids thrash around, sit up in their sleep or actually wake up, we get an alert. AND we get to see a short video of what’s going on. AND we get to decide if we need to pop back home to settle them down.

The reality is that neither of them has woken up since I set up the CleverLoop, so I haven’t had a chance to try out the 2 way communication yet. But I’m looking forwards to it.

Now, I’m not suggesting you rush out to buy a CleverLoop just so you can keep an eye on your kids (though for some people it might be a perfect solution to their situation), but I am suggesting that once you have got a CleverLoop, in most cases for some sort of security application, you are bound to find other funky uses for it that just require you to point a camera in the right direction.

Happy CleverLooping everyone.


by The CleverLoop Team
June 30, 2016