Home and Business Security Camera Systems Evolved

Finally, a camera security system smart enough to learn what’s normal and only alert you to anything out of the ordinary. Available with indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras, and easy to set up, CleverLoop is perfect for Australian homes, apartments and businesses.

The CleverLoop Smart Home Security System is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to monitor activity inside and outside of their home.

- By John R. Delaney, Contributing Editor, PCMag
No Monthly Fees
That’s right, CleverLoop comes with an extensive, feature-rich free plan that also allows for multiple-users.
Indoor Monitoring
See everything with high definition, wider angle indoor security cameras that also feature two-way audio.
Outdoor Surveillance
Watch for trouble before it gets inside, with weatherproof outdoor cameras for driveways, paths and entrances.
WiFi Enabled
Indoor and outdoor cameras that are WiFi enabled make for an easy connection to your local network.
Auto Night Vision
Peace-of-mind after dark with indoor and outdoor cameras both featuring night vision technology.
Clever Alerts
Advanced computer vision technology goes beyond simple motion detection, greatly reducing false alarms.
Easy Set Up
Step-by-step, in-app instructions with video clips, guide you easily through the DIY setup of your security system.
Cloud Backup
Out of harm’s way. Important video alerts are backed-up to the cloud for 7 days, for free.
Continuous Storage
Connect an external hard drive and you have a CCTV system that records footage continuously from all cameras.


For Home Security
For Business Security

Directly from your mobile device, you can quickly see and hear what’s happening at home. No matter where you are across Australia or around the world, live views and recorded video clips from your security cameras let you know everything is safe and sound. And with both indoor and outdoor cameras available, CleverLoop helps you protect more places. So whether you’re wanting to prevent burglaries, make sure the kids are OK or monitor your pets, CleverLoop has you covered.

CleverLoop is an ideal business security camera system for small to mid-sized Australian companies. Whether you operate a café, shop, office or workshop, CleverLoop business surveillance cameras can help protect staff, stock and cash areas for minimal outlay and no ongoing costs. And as well as acting as your after-hours security guard by sending you video alerts of any unusual activity, plug an external hard drive into CleverLoop and you have an instant 24/7 business CCTV system.


iOS and Android security apps put control in your hands.

Convenience of system auto-arm and disarm using phone’s GPS location.

Instant smartphone video alerts for important activities.

Never wonder what’s happening, see it with live camera viewing.

Privacy intact, as footage analysis is done locally.


False alarms from security systems are annoying, stressful and often expensive (call-outs can be up to $100 in Australia). You don’t want to receive an alert while you are out and about, only to find out it’s just trees in the wind or a shadow from changing light conditions. Watch this real-life security app footage of how CleverLoop’s intelligent learning algorithms greatly reduce false alerts.

Daytime Security
Nighttime Security
Non Alert
Non Alert

"CleverLoop allows man to see burglary from his phone despite being more than 900 miles away."

"The CleverLoop Smart Home Security System is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to monitor activity inside and outside of their home. It's fairly easy to install and configure, and its motion detection technology does a great job of reducing false alerts due to things like pet movement, passing cars, and windy conditions. In addition to its sharp, colorful video quality and free cloud service, I love having the ability to store continuous video on a local USB drive just like with a CCTV system."

"I’m really blown away with the system. It was quick to setup, easy to use and is as the name suggests - just really clever. I can see its use in many homes and possibly even small businesses over this holiday period."

"Overall installation is simple and cameras can be connected via ethernet or WiFi... The mobile app is very easy to use and allows you to control the base station learning."


More and more Australian households and small businesses are choosing a Cleverloop security cameras system to protect their property, with users in every state across the country.

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